Bavarian forest

bavarian forest

The Bavarian Forest is a wooded low-mountain region in Bavaria, Germany. It extends along the Czech border and is continued on the Czech side by the. Bavarian Forest: mountain region in east-central Bavaria Land (state), southeastern Germany. The Bavarian Forest occupies the highlands between the Danube. External Link: Bavarian Forest National Park Partners · External Link: Tree Top Walk · External Link: Sumava National Park · External Link: Junior Ranger  ‎ Hiking and Experiencing · ‎ Getting here · ‎ Visiting us · ‎ National Park.


Bavarian Forest National Park bavarian forest Now it has been restored to its full glory, with the unique castle towering over the bavarian forest town tucked in the multiple bends of the river. Principal towns of the mountain region are Regen, Zwiesel, Waldkirchen, and Grafenau. News National Park Visiting us About us Service. The Huang He is often called the cradle of Chinese civilization. News National Park Visiting us About us Service.

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